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Jhonen Vasquez Community @ Livejournal

A King? Yes.

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Jhnen VEE Community
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Jhonen Community @ LJ Created on 2001-11-09. Were we the first?

Owned/maintained/monderated by rancidpetals&scaredsquee

lovingly cohandeled by vesleskjor and woodenvagina

This is a Jhonen Vasquez community. We realize the cult like stigma his name can induce and we will do our best to only add to the crazeh drooling babies his legacy has bestowed. However we will expect a level of maturity from your slimey fingers.

Don't Advertise. Don't hate. Don't forget to be a fan!

Play nice and we will aid your obsession.

While the owners of this community may know far more than they should; They are not Jhonen. To reach him: His personal email is mr.scolex@questionsleep.com. you can also reach Jhonen @ Twitter and im sure theres other ways but thats what google is for, get to work!

Join jhonen.

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And the chorus swells.....

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