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You can cry until there is nothing wet in you.

You can scream and curse to where you throat rebels and ruptures.

You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen.

And, Still, it makes NO difference.

It goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you.

And you know that if it ever did relent...

It would not be because it cared.”

-written in blood before everything went black.


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Babya [userpic]



Apparently Jhonen was enjoying Twitter so much, he signed Johnny up for an account...

http://www.questionsleep.com/ has a new feature -- a little box called "What I Am Doing."

In less then 6 months a whole bunch of ships is going to labnd on earth from Alpha-Z or maybe some other planet, populated by greys/Saurians. Reptilian, some nords (lots of them) and odd Martian or two (very odd) are all part of one conspiracy. Jihad seems to be the hand of the whole plot, they are going to weaken us emotionally and spiritually and prepare for beign enslaved by aliens.

Most of the grey aliens are goign to disguise themselves as humans, except when feeding, and pose as Christians, priests and teachers. They already have worked out a very complicated and detailed plan, it is scary how vcarefully orchestrated and rehearsed the whole thign is.

The scary thign is they are gonna be here in less than 6 months, and no one on earth knows about it or believes that it is gonna happen (this+ slavery, degradation, being killed and devoured the way abducted cows are, being cruelly tortured - greys are incredibly sadistic). And the space lizards are counting on us not knowing about them, not talking between each another about them, and being nice and obedient to them when they arrive. That's why I think we should global terrorist-attack idicator to code orange or code red and talk about it, and maybe petition US government to destroy all alien labs on Earth and in US, and end contracts which allow greys to visit earth and occasionally collect experimental material.

there's a text on sacred-texts.com, under ufo, forward slash "conspire.htm"

also, to see what the kizards have been up to between themselves the live journal name of their community is unitarian_jihad .

Please don't just sleep, do something!

...yeah... [userpic]

I never post on LJ But I thought this was a good time to do so, it's not all done but I worked long and hard on my Jhonen fan site, Check it out if you dont mind....


I almost got to see Jhonen this New years in AZ, but I was too sick and didnt go early and when i got there 45 minutes late from the start, the ALREADY capped the line. but i took a few pictures they are on the jhonen page.

What did you guys think of Jelly fist...?

Babya [userpic]


Babya [userpic]

Questionsleep.com has been updated-with a new logo and this page:

The page theme used is apparently one from Apple's iWeb.

Robin [userpic]

Hi, sorry if this is against the rules, but I thought some of you might be interested.

I'm currently selling my JtHM comics on eBay.

It's the complete set of 1-7.

Doubtless the hearts of thousands of cookie-stuffing fangirls will be broken in an instant!
Stumbled onto this in a Russian LJ community while looking for something else:


The original poster calls her The Mysterious Aliza.

...yeah... [userpic]

Hello. It's been so long since I have posted online... I find it hard to stay online these days. But recent news is here, Jhonen will come back again to Mesa Arizona. Yeay. Last time I took his picture and gave him my art, which he said he liked, don't know if it was a lie but it was nice, a good feeling. Well he also signed my friends glove.

Oh this is gross. I found out a few days ago that some retarded fan stuffed a cookie in his mouth. What the fuck were you thinking. If someone stuffs a cookie in anyones mouth they would bitch slap that person. Jhonen spit it out at the person. So news flash folks. Don't... stuff... cookies... or anything else for the matter... in other peoples MOUTHES... or anywhere else for the matter, unless they give written or oral consent... !

Anyways again I will give Jhonen another piece of art I have been working on it's been taking a while since,... to me this is very important, It's not that I really liked his comic, BUT I realized how different and ground breaking it was, he created something at the right time. It's because of him that I now like underground comics, and anime instead of only anime.

About his comics, I did like the art style a lot, it was one of the main reasons I enjoyed his comics, and the fact that his story was rich with flavor. Not just boring, but it was the teen angst that came out of the comic that never really rang my bell. But I can't wait to read his new comic, I have a feeling it may be a bit more substantial.

Regardless of everything Jhonen has an amazing mind, great talent, and he has a way of collecting a lot of like minded people.


Well I guess thats it for now... Oh wait yeah I bought doomskool.com someday I will make that into a fan site, but don't go now, there is nothing there I swear.

kewl0210 [userpic]


I thought I'd mention this here. It seems to fit the pattern.
He basicly is saying how he rarely posts in his livejournal because it's really a substitute for a real website, the only real goal he's never been able to achieve these long years. So he's going to go sign things in various southern states and is still looking for an incredible (or of near caliber) web designer.

Makes sense, plus he doesn't seem to like to talk about future projects much. I hope he finds somebody.

I realized only just this morning that JV is thanked in tiny ant-print on the booklet of the Stolen Babies cd. For what, exactly? Not sure. But I thought I might as well share.

Oh, and... Has anyone else still not gotten their copy of Jellyfist from amazon?
At this point I've just given up on them and ordered it from SLG.

omg wtf lol bbq? [userpic]

Has anyone actually picked up Jellyfist? I just got my copy in the mail, the one I had ordered wayyy back when but I hadn't gotten until just now, because of the reprint.

It's probably the most fucked up thing I've ever read. Far more fucked up than even JTHM and Squee combined. And I love it. Immensely.

I love the art, I love the binding (even though I thought it was horribly damaged and stained at first), and I love the fact that theres a column explaining each comic to the right of the comic. I like that both Jhonen and Goldberg each have their own color font. I'm not sure why.

Post your reactions to the book here, if you've read it. I'd love to hear peoples takes on it.

Babya [userpic]

Here's some very recent photos of Jhonen that I found :
Photos by:Dave Bullock / eecue.com

The Closet Republican [userpic]

...for I know that men of science will scoff at such things, but I fear I shall go mad lest I reveal such knowledge; perhaps I shall go mad anyway.

It is not an easy thing to reveal such evils, and those of a weak constitution--physically or otherwise--would do wise to turn away; indeed, all should turn away, before it is too late!

For here lies a narrative that would make the bravest--or most mad--of men shriek with terror.

Don't Read MoreCollapse )

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Babya [userpic]

Jellyfist-the corrected version is now in stores plus Jhonen mentions some recent games he's been playing:

Hi all! I'm new to the community, but not to the Jhonen VEE fandom. I'm quite obsessed, heehee. I have a few questions:

1. Could someone please make us a layout, colorbar, and avatar(s) for my new community, ladycomicfans? I was thinking of something JtHM themed, possibly with Devi D., since the community's for lady comic book fans and all. I'd credit if used.

2. Where can I buy I Feel Sick, Everything Can Be Beaten, and Fillerbunny offline? I don't have a Border's near my home (I live in Rockland County, N.Y.), Toywiz only carries major titles like Spider-Man, and Barnes and Noble's only has the JtHM: Director's Cut and Squee! books, which I already own. No luck at Hot Topic either.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Okibi [userpic]

First off, Happy Birthday to our Mighty Overlord! Secondly, does anyone know where I can find the Nny pics in this photo as a jpeg online? So that I can see them at better quality and not at a slant? They are TOO COOL FOR WORDS, and I want a better look at them. Any help is greatly appreciated~

Babya [userpic]

Today is Jhonen's 33rd Birthday.

Babya [userpic]


 ≠ [userpic]

anyone have information about jellyfist? i heard it was supposed to come out in july and now it's midway through august and i haven't seen any scans or reviews online at all.

From Dan Vado's Flickr:


Seriously, I love Jhonen's new style!

Babya [userpic]


Babya [userpic]

Babya [userpic]

From a article mostlyt about Roman Dirge,comes this bit about Jhonen:
"Adding to the pressure, their Los Angeles host, good friend Jhonen Vasquez, had purchased night vision goggles and spent the entire night laughing at them in the dark. "

A funny way for Jhonen to laugh at his good friend-Roman.

Babya [userpic]

Jhonen's Comic-Con report for the final day-great read as udual:


Babya [userpic]

Here's Jhonen's Comic-Con report for Saturday


And seems that  Jhonen says some of the  fans came  to Comic-Con from my country:Australia. That's pretty special.

XxXAMANDAXCOREXxX (soSCENE!!!) [userpic]

Hey there, I'm glad this community exists!

I'm a big fan of the many works of Vasquez, and even the writing in his livejournal makes me laugh. As such, when I was recently reading his lj, the "my scene is robots with red eyes shooting lasers, etc" thing inspired me to do a (I think) pretty cool drawing. I haven't scanned it yet, but when I do, maybe you guys would be interested in seeing it?

My question being, though, I kinda want to e-mail him the finished product, but I have no idea what e-mail he checks.

Mreff777@atlantis-bbs.com -- I was wondering if this is the correct one. (I'm not hoping for a reply,  I just want to show him the odd little drawing his writing spawned, haha)

Thanks a lot!

Babya [userpic]

Jhonen just posted a live report from SD Comic-Con :

And some photos that I found of JV at Comic-con on Flickr:

More pics of Jhonen:

Babya [userpic]

Can anyone who's seeing Jhonen at the San Diego Comic-Con take some photos and share them with us?

Babya [userpic]


This one is a easy read-short, yet sweet.

Shan [userpic]

Forgive my not knowing this anyway, but does anyone know the proper pronunciation of Mr. Vasquez's first name? I know he's of Latino descent, but I feel like an ignorant dummy-head and like I'm doing him a bit of a disservice for still kind of mumbling and stumbling over it when I've happened to mention him and his work in conversation... Gah! Please help me not be stupid.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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Babya [userpic]

Jhonen Vasquez Interrogation Special-is a chance to ask Jhonen with your questions that you want to know about for a interview being done by Zoetica (venacava.livejournal.com). 

Email your questions to:zoetica@suicidegirls.com 


Babya [userpic]

Looks like Jellyfistwill be out soon-see this new entry by JV:

Babya [userpic]


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